So what are the BanglaLink Value added services (VASs)? They are of various types of services that you usually don’t need, when you have internet and alternative apps. You can see the current list of VASs here

Here is the current list of services they offered when I was writing this post:-

  1. Banglalink Emergency Alert (charged 6 taka/ month),
  2. Call Block (charged 30 taka/ month),
  3. Banglalink Amar Tune (charged 30 taka/ month),
  4. Banglalink Priyo Tune (charged 30 taka/ month),
  5. Banglalink SMS News Service (charged about 60 taka/ month),
  6. Banglalink Train Tracking (charged about 120 taka/ month),
  7. Banglanews24 (charged 30 taka/ month) ,
  8. Banglalink Megamind (charged about 60 taka/ month),
  9. Banglalink Mind Care (charged about 60 taka/ month)

If you have accidentally enabled any of these services you turn all of them together by typing STOP ALL and send it to 6888