How to stop all promotional sms from Grameen Phone (GP) Free

I was getting sms everyday from grameen phone for the offers I don’t remember using them. So I needed to stop it somehow. There might be more ways to that but probably the easiest and cost free is by chatting with them on their website

Simply click on the chat icon on the right bottom corner of the website and ask them to stop the all annoying promotional sms. They will do it for you instantly and activate DND (Do not Disturb). As simple as that!

Kaggle changed Kernels to Notebooks

I’m new to , If you don’t know Kaggle it’s a home for data scientists and engineers to to learn, compete and win huge amount of money making sense / predictions of data. People code with python and R. So when you enter into a competition you can see other people’s code in kernels. So I was looking for it but couldn’t find it, I thought they probably disabled it. No more looking into other people’s code 🙁 . Later I realized it was renamed to Notebooks. Which is probably a better name for it. But kernel sounds better to me.



wordpress “This site is experiencing technical Difficulties”

The Problem

I shifted to new host recently and I didn’t realize a lot of my pages were down and showing this error message. Then gradually I found out that the problem is with my bank category and pages that are under bank category. This are “custom post” considering wordpress term. They were called item in my wordpress theme that I’m using. It’s directory theme from Ait-Themes.

The Fix

The fix was simple, after several correspondence with my new host they said the fixed the problem by increasing MEMORY_LIMIT to 256MB for the websites to work. Just in case you don’t know where MEMORY_LIMIT is it’s in php.ini . But that is not the only place where you can change and they didn’t change from there. Rather they changed it in wp-includes/default-constants.php . I still don’t know why! and how is it different.

Excel Formula for CGPA Letter grade to points

I wrote this formula for excel to figure out the grade points when I insert certain letter grade .

Since I study in North South University, I’m following their grading policy.

Numerical ScoresLetter GradeGrade Points (Per Credit)
93 and aboveA Excellent4.0
90 – 92A-3.7
87 – 89B+3.3
83 – 86B Good3.0
80 – 82B-2.7
77 – 79C+2.3
73 – 76C Average2.0
70 – 72C-1.7
67 – 69D+1.3
60 – 66D Poor1.0
Below 60F* Failure0.0
 I** Incomplete0.0
 W** Withdrawal0.0
 R** Retaken0.0

Assuming the following is 3 credit course. I have to put formula in the green bordered cell D7 below.  When I put the letter ‘B’ for example it will multiply 3 (grade point) with 3(credit hours) which resulted in 9.  If it was A, the result would have been 3*4=12. 

=IF(C7=”A”,4B7,IF(C7=”A-“,3.7B7,IF(C7=”B+”,3.3B7, IF(C7=”B”,3B7, IF(C7=”B-“,2.7B7, IF(C7=”C+”,2.3B7, IF(C7=”C”,2B7, IF(C7=”C-“,1.7B7, IF(C7=”D+”,1.3B7, IF(C7=”D”,1B7,0))))))))))

These are just nested if statements. You just need to be careful of those parentheses. 

Adding item to a list with slice in python

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