I have held this domain for about 5 years. I bought it back in 2015 from Flippa.com for $350 dollars, and my seller probably bought it from namejet for 133 dollars back in 2013 . I got these information from namebio. I was somewhat determined to sell it for 1 million dollars. For that I might have had to hold it for 10-20 years. Who knows! Or it might have never turned into a million dollars. So suddenly last year at the end of 2020 an email came from sedo.com that they have a client who is interested to buy my domain. How much do I want? I said I want a million dollars! lolz. He replied that the buyer has an offer of 2900 dollars for me. The first correspondence was in October 2020. And the final sale took place in end of November. So this is something to learn that the negotiation might take some time.

So 2900 Dollars wasn’t impressive enough for me. I believed in this domain. I was determined to get more offer in. As I used to regularly get inquiry for this domain. It was a good domain. 3 digit domains are liquid. They can be sold easily at anytime if you are willing to accept lower price and for higher price you will need to negotiate and wait. It’s a waiting game.

Fast forward I later got this offer from them that the client is willing to pay $5000 and pay the SEDO.com fees. Now I was more interested but still wanted more. 10K at least. But I was in need of the money. I was planning to get married soon and this amount certainly support my cause. So I had to agree with the price. And this was my first domain sale. I was excited and later acquired about 45+ more domains gradually. I live in Bangladesh and receiving money wasn’t difficult at all. Bank needed agreement paper and receipt and It was all available in sedo.com. The process was smooth.

This year I sold another domain. Maybe this can be a topic of another day. If you are interested in my domain collection you can check out my dan.com profile.

Ameer’s Dan.com Profile

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