I found out more information about squadhelp naming competition today. They really have interesting ways to help people who is looking for new business names. I was very impressed the level editorial value that they provide in there. I wanted to join a contest and found out that I have to pay $10 (refundable within 7 days if I don’t want to keep being a creative) to get creative account. This is what they said to me:

In order to participate in naming contests, you must settle the membership fee first. The $10 fee is a one-time payment and the funds are used for your screening and on-boarding process. Your membership fee is fully refundable if you contact us within the first 7 days of your payment. After 7 days, the $10 will no longer be refundable.

I found contests that wanted to participate but it turned out I could not still participate in all the open contests. They assigned me 3 contests and I had to participate in those first and maximize my chance of being high rated. Which eventually suppose to make let me participate in all contest. This is what they said:

I see. Currently your account has limited access, which means that you can only participate in contests that are assigned to you. Your first goal should be to submit some great ideas and gain Full Access (https://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/en/articles/160742-how-long-do-i-have-to-wait-to-join-contests).

Just so you know, the system assigns contests to your account automatically and the frequency of the assignment depends on your engagement in those contests assigned to you:

https://www.squadhelp.com/assigned_contest.php (https://www.squadhelp.com/assigned_contest.php)

We strongly recommend participating in each of them and if possible, send the maximum allowable number of entries. If one of your entries gets a high rating, you will be able to send more entries to that contest.

Once you have received enough high ratings from the contest holders on the entries you submitted to their contests, you will then have full access to all contests.

Good luck!

It was kinda deceptive though as I didn’t understand this rule was in place. However, I still have my 7 days refund guarantee so I don’t need to worry too much about it.

So I participated in one of 3 contests and found out there are a ton more rules and restrictions. Which made me realize that this is probably not for a busy professional like me.  I found out that the contest owner has a ton list of requirements that needs to be fulfilled.  Such as:

  • You cannot these words
  • You must have .com
  • 1 or 2 words
  • cannot end with ‘ly’ for example
  • or must have this word
  • and the list goes on

They also discuss and give more information in the message section. So make sure you check that out if you want to participate.

squadhelp contest menu

And then Squadhelp has a bunch of restrictions of their own.  Such as you cannot share any domain that is listed outside Squadhelp marketplace. So you have to deal a number of restrictions to make your way there.

 Squadhelp: If it’s listed outside of Squadhelp, then you’re not allowed to submit them. This is also mentioned on the articles that I’ve shared with you.


For more information you can visit their Terms of services.

So I submitted one name and looks like it didn’t get accepted by the CH (Contest Holder) in SH (SquadeHelp).  So I guess I’m out of there. But on the flip side it means the contest owners will get very good names for their contests. It’s good for them. 


But I have seen their leader board and I found someone earning over $100K there already and there are many others with big numbers. It’s good for creative hardworking people just it’snot for me.



Squadhelp Naming Contest Score
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