I’m trying out a new website to help sell my domains. I belive I currently have over 50 domain names. And selling domain names at good price is tough job. Currently I have them listed on dan.com, sav.com, sedo.com, afternic.com and some that I registered but didn’t even list anywhare. I’m busy with so many stuff I hardly have time. When I concentrate on one thing the other thing gets lost. This is the reality of life.

So to the main topic. I’m trying out squadhelp.com which looks very promising to be honest. They have creating approach to sell domain names. They have naming competitions which automatically checks available domain names. They create logo and designs for your domain name and gives it a professional look. Human beings love getting feedbacks, love brands. Look at the domains below. Already they look more attractive than if it was just a text.

Squad help branded domains

I knew about suqdhelp as a place that you can make money with gig type projects. Naming was one of them. But I fogot about it later on until my cousin brought this back up where he said someone from Bangladesh just sold 2 domains at high price in squadhelp. So I listed my domain European.io their to see how bigger of a sale they can bring it to me. I did a premium listing and you have to pay a $1 (minimum deposit $5) and it has to be approved . So far 5 expert review was done but my domain was not approved yet. Probably they are confused since I asked to be listed at their highest price and which is 300K USD. They do reject domains for high price. But This is my best domain I need to get as much money as possible.

Here is their commission structure for premium domains and benefits that comews with with it.

Squadhelp Commissions

  • Selling Price/ Your Commission
  • Below $2500: Variable Commission (Typically 30-35%)
  • $2500 to $5000: 30% Commission
  • $5000 to $50K: 25% Commission
  • $50K to $75K: 20% Commission
  • Above $75K: 15% Commission

Other Benefits

  •  No Logo Design Fees
  •  No Listing Fees
  •  No Withdrawal Fees

Some other benefits of listing in squdhelp is that they have big marketing budget and smart (ML based) marketing features. And ofcourse the naming competition is there.

So their business model is what I believe they have built a whole echo system around this niche. Which is really smart. No I’m here praying to Allah that he lists me this domain here if it is good for me.


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