I believed they had the best of the services, quicker response rate and reliability. But I’m frustrated with my recent experience with them. Their live chat typically takes about 30 + minutes to reach; That’s one long lasting problem, but recently an open ticket been kept for 5 days without single response. It was urgent, I needed my client’s hacked site to get up back as soon as possible. But I got no response from ticket yet. Today I contacted the live chat again and this time the agent gave me this link https://www.hostgator.com/restore/ , Okay I have to pay $15 to get the site restored from their backup but they should have told me about this before. An important business site is still down for several days without attention. I don’t know how can I rely on them in future.

Update 1 (10th December 2014):

So This paid service was a lot quicker (not paid yet). Got response from them very quick. Now I have another problem. They don’t have my back up file!!!!! . Their weekly backup overwritten the files with current corrupted files. Fantastic! They only keep 1 back up copy.. Man this is soo good!.. Specially when I asked them about 6 days ago to resolve the problem. This has to change.. I have been loyal customer to them for long time now. I’m not switching yet.. Because it’s too much work for me to switch and not sure where can I find the best alternative.