So I was excited about this text editor that every one loves. Sublime Text. I downloaded Sublime Text 2 (For some reason I was reading it wrong, I thought it was Subline and only now I found out it was Sublime :/ ). So I started coding some basic stuff. And immediately notice that it doesn’t support Bangla. I basically used google translator to translate my Bangla (Me Lazy! :p , I don’t keep avro and all those stuff installed .. I either translate or type online from various online Bangla typing sites). I found out it was all broken. When I saved and saw it on browser. It was even worse.
Broken Bangla in Sublime Text 2 can't write bangla in subline text 2 browser example



Then next I thought You can’t write Bangla on HTML (since this was probably the first time I tried it in code), So I opened in Notepad and saved it. It was alright.

Then I tried again in sublime text, It started working in it for some reason.. No Idea way :/ .. I mean the on the editor it’s broken but everything is okay on the browser.

can't write bangla in subline text 2 editor

can't write bangla fixed in notepad save it once here


can't write bangla in subline text 2 browser output problem fixed

Weird kind of fix , I know.. I think it will work with all other Unicode Characters.


Summary of the fix

  1. Create your html file in sublime text
  2. If you want to use unicode characters (here Bangla Specifically in this tutorial) save the file in note pad once
  3. Get back to sublime text and from now on everything should work normally