Suddenly I was having this problem. My Samsung Galaxy Grand prime’s phone was not working. I thought maybe the app is not working so lets download another camera app. But that didn’t work too. So I though I’m going to give it a factory reset. But that will make my phone like brand new and I’ll probably need to re-install all my apps and my files might be gone as well. So I thought I’ll do it some other time. Today suddenly I thought to my self why don’t  search the internet.. Silly my I should have done that the first day..  I got the solution and it was just too easy..

  1. Shut down the phone,
  2. Remove the Battery and re-add it.
  3. Start your phone

boom! It’s all good!


Someone was saying that it was because we charge the phone using our laptop via data cable.  Yes! I do that but not sure if that’s true..


Update: 23rd Nov 2015

My mom uses Walton phone and her phone had the same problem and I solved the problem with the same solution. And she doesn’t charges her phone with laptops.

Update on 11th July 2016 (adding a poll)

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