Guys I just come across this job post, it’s absolutely insane. He is looking for someone / a team to do a job that is simple enough but tedious to the level that is absolutely unacceptable. He posted a video tutorial where he explained the task by basically going through it. It took him about 2.5 minutes. Which translates to 250,000 Minutes which means 4166.67 hours. And he has posted his budget as only $80. Upwork has a fee of 20% so that means the freelancer will get $64 dollars. That translate to about $0.015/hour!!! This is absolutely crazy man!!!

If one person works about 12 hours a day he/she will basically have to work throughout the year to earn that 64 bucks.

And what is more bizarre that some poor souls are applying for this without doing the math! and some with even lower rates.

I hope upwork brings in policies to control these types of irresponsible job posts.